Ume is the cover story of the Austin Chronicle!

Check out the feature article “Like a Hurricane: The agony and the ecstasy of Ume.”

“…The ephemeral pull of her vocals cuts with a sharper edge as she launches uninhibitedly center stage, attacking her instrument in a flailing tempest of hair contrasting with her short black dress. She’s both possessed and in possession.

This is the essence of Ume, whose lyrically raw songs expose emotional uncertainty and wanting buffeted by the countering forcefulness of a power trio. Live, Larson’s an ambivalent siren, letting the crowd feed on its own objectifying presumptions – of sexuality, admiration, innocence, vulgarity, or vulnerability – only to shatter all of that upon the rocks of her own complete immersion in the music, the melodic lull and devastating pummel of Ume…”